About Us

DEIR is an elegance & magnificent brand of women style turning the traditional wear to fashion forward in this decade. DEIR chooses excellent and top quality texture to show women's attractiveness and elegance. Consequently, it symbolizes the supreme spirit of Malaysian fashion culture and maintains its tradition essence.

The beauty of a woman resides in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries and the way she do her hair.

DEIR has inspired by Audrey Hepburn style. Her style has never left the cultural spotlight. Her illustrious movie career blossomed soon after, and a generation-spanning fascination with Hepburn's unmistakable style still lives on in the public consciousness. Even for those who didn't live through her years of box office fame, odds are you've come across and been inspired by iconic images of the Hollywood legend.


Long before the little black dress of Breakfast at Tiffany's , DEIR has inspired by with bateau (or boat) neckline, classic colors, dazzled in the silhouette of unique design detailing, and ultimately the the Elegant spirit. We called it J’taime Raya Collection 2017. Remaining true to one’s own personal style — the Audrey Hepburn philosophy of fashion — is certainly a mindset we can’t get behind.